Sunday, July 6, 2014

Subtle (?) teal ombré

My boo's little sister is in town, visiting us, and she wanted to get a new look. So we found a color that she liked, which was quite out of her norm.... And it was great! We had to pass it by her mom of course, bc that's the right thing to do... And I didn't want her to hate me. Ha! 
We found a teal dye at Sally's, and I wanted to use some of my training from cosmetology school.
Instead of dying all of her hair, we did foils that only went partially up the strands, about 4-6 inches away from her scalp. I left about 3/4 inch between each foil.
I think we achieved her goal and her mother's goal, teal ombré, but subtle.
This is her hair before. 
This is during the process...
And this is after.

I had her put on my hair-dye shirt, so don't judge! 
She loves it, and I think it's fun and would look great braided or halfway up! She looks like a mermaid! 
I'm gonna go send her mom a picture.... Hopefully she loves it as well! 

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